New Season! LOVER, DRESS UP & More!

HI Everyone!

It's been such a beautiful spring week and so uplifting too
because of your response to our new deliveries.
Glad that you love them!

We work really hard at bringing together a unique collective of cool things
that you won't see everywhere.
We also get things in weekly to keep it all exciting.

Here is what has arrived this week...

Snake Sleeve Dress in Scarlet on the Runway at Australian Fashion Week

Snake Sleeve Button Down Blouse in Blush on the Runway at Australian Fashion Week

(Coming Soon: Slither Leather Skirt in Scarlet and also White)

Snake Sleeve Dress in Scarlet (comes with ribbon waist tie) $539
Midi Length Silk Pleat Skirt in Blush $451
also available in Scarlet

Snakesleeve Button Down Blouse in Ivory $396
Blouse also available in Blush

Denim Modernist Shirt in Indigo $253

Temple Jersey Shift Dress in Sandstone $286

Ophion Silk Mini Dress in Blush $594

Oh, I want all of these!
The "wrapped" sleeves fall so beautifully.
They have cape attributes but are lighter and sexier for summer.

It's also great to see the contrast in the styling between the vampy
show queens to the soft haired, fresh faced beauty in the look book.
I think it really helps to imagine wearing these things in different ways.
Oh believe me, I have already mentally conjured up the options!

We still have more styles delivering (including swimwear) and you can now see all the look
book images on the Lover website -

Don't be shy to ask me about what we have coming and we
can call you when particular styles arrive.
Lover in store now at Blonde Venus!

Dress Up, Melbourne

Organic Cotton Pleated Knit Tee in Cream $286
Coming Soon! Organic Cotton Pleated Knit Shorts

Elastic Silk Playsuit in Aubergine $594

Choker Dress in Black Silk Faille $572

Oh baby.
This was another collection where I wanted to order everything and I
nearly did!
Dress Up feels so cool and original without seeming like it's trying to hard.
Again designer Stephanie Downey has used beautiful quality silks and cottons
and these are all made in Australia.
Dress Up is available exclusively in Queensland at Blonde Venus!

What's New at The Outpost?!

Monster Children Magazine
Issue 32

This latest issues features Niall McLelland (cover), Miranda July,
Brian Anderson and a special tribute to artist, the late Margaret Kilgallen
whom you would remember from the documentary Beautiful Losers.

New Planes
Issue 2

Royal Headache, Royal Headache

Finally! Their debut, self titled album and it's a 12" on beautiful black vinyl
brought to you by RIP Society.
I've already bagged a copy but haven't broken the plastic yet.
I LOVE records :)

It's been such a busy week in the Valley with the Big Sound live music showcase
and conference on, bringing lots of music lovers together and uniting our live music
venues like The Zoo, Woodland, X&Y, Black Bear Lodge and pop-up spaces like
Bakery Lane.

Tonight I'm going back to Woodland to see Melbourne babes Super Wild Horses play.
I've seen them play twice before and they were fantastic - inspiring ladies.

Saturday night looks busy but I'm going to do my best.
The Frankly Festival returns to the Powerhouse and the evening starts early at around 6pm.
I'm keen on seeing The Twerps, Wet Hair and LA Vampires.

Also on Saturday night, Melbourne band Witch Hats are playing at

I've worked Sundays for so long, I'm really good at getting home before
things get too crazy - hopefully back  on the couch with a cup of tea by 1am ;)

See you soon!
Thea X